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Watching a bullish period, 2004 - 2007

  • Jul 28, 15
  • Professor Chart

Many investors, especially small investors, are more comfortable to operate in markets at times when the stock market is in an upward movement. Optimism and positive projection are often greatly influence in decision-making, and that is why it is also important to identify whether we are in a general bullish trend.

Again we will analyze the main indicators to identify and meet the overall situation in the markets. We must clarify that we are analyzing the global economic situation. For decision making at the entrance or exit of a specific asset, is necessary to analyze that security price and not just based on the analysis of global indicators.

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2008 crisis and technical analysis

  • Jul 20, 15
  • Professor Chart

Is technical analysisi a foolproof method? Of course not, but it can help in decision-making. With the necessary preparation, making proper use of indicators and knowing how to interpret the signals that the market is leaving behind, we can be more prepared for an important events. 

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Acerca de Professor Chart

Professor Chart es fruto de un largo proceso de I+D. Introduce un nuevo método formativo desarrollado con el objetivo de facilitar la comprensión de los conceptos más complejos de la bolsa a aquellos que se inician la materia. La plataforma posibilita que los nuevos inversores accedan a prácticas y simulaciones interactivas diseñadas con herramientas informáticas de última generación

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