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Dynamic and fun

Thanks to this new learning platform developed exclusively for Professor Chart

Progressive learning

Starting at level 0 and continuing until all relevant theory and practice in the technical analysis of financial markets has been covered

Choose your chapters

Select the contents you wish to learn. Acquire the chapters and exercise packs that interest you most.

You will learn to trade in the stock market

Developed by expert investors. Learn first-hand from the best professionals who have an intimate knowledge of the stock market and different investment techniques.

Satisfaction guaranteed

If you acquire one or more chapters and you are not satisfied, we will return the corresponding amount of the course that has not been studied.

Orientation in the different methodologies

Documentation of the best investment methodologies and orientation so that you feel confident in choosing the one most suited to your personality and needs as an investor.

Unbeatable quality and price

The content of each chapter has been carefully selected and prepared by expert investors in the field. This, combined with the latest technology in training for the development of an interactive platform, gives an exclusive learning experience.

Level Test

Interactive test to determine your coefficient knowledge of the stock market and to find out which areas you should study more in order to complete your training.




Interaction with the application

Interaction with the application. Interactive exercises and simulations based on real information and situations in order for you to learn how to become successful in the stock market


available on-line and also in versions for tablets and mobiles

Work at your own pace

Repeat chapters or exercises as many times as you want. Once you have bought a chapter, you will have access to it forever


Audio and subtitles available in English, Spanish and Chinese

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About Professor Chart

Professor Chart is the result of a long process of development and research. A new training method was developed with the aim of facilitating the understanding of the most complicated concepts of the stock market. A training timetable, designed by experts in the stock market, which encompasses investment methodologies and techniques that are currently used by traders. Professor Chart makes it possible for new investors to access exercises and simulators designed with advanced IT tools.

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