• Aug 26, 15
  • Professor Chart

We are used to hear about the stock markets, however, what are the stock markets? where they come from? when did they start?....The stock exchange is the place where you can trade companies assets, and other financial products. It started in a building where some mechants and rich families decided the most important trading operations. This building was property of the Van der Bürse in Belguim. 

Nevertheless, in reallity, the current stock markets we know was born after the french revolution, at the end of the XVIII century. Although in the XVII century some people traded with some shares of determinated busines in order to get some investors, it was not until the end of the french revolution when the main stock exchanges were created in the most important cities of Europe. 

The main objective of the companies in the stock markets, is to earn some funding, either for a busines expansion, or because the company needs more money for its activities. Doing this, it is possible to get a great amount of money, not only from rich and powerful investors, but also from small investors and traders.

In every stock exchange that were created, you can trade with shares and assets of the main companies of the Countries. In that way, the stock markets is the main way to obtain funds offering shares and assets, and the investors can acces to this services usually though brokers or traders.

The most common way for making money though the stock markets is the speculation. Initially, it was only possible to earn money if a trader bought an asset, and over time that asset price was increased. Nowadays, it is possible to trade in a bearish movement. Thats to say, a trader can buy an asset betting that asset is going to decrease its price. However, the trader will lose money if the asset increases the value. Evolution has been always important in the stock markets. Some time ago it was very common to see the stock buildings full of brokers, traders, screaming and trying to buy or sell some assets. Nowadays, the major part of the trading operations are made electronically thanks to the new technologies.